Why I feel Social Media is the best marketing strategy for small companies right now

If your not on social media these days your seen as someone thats not really from this planet! Social media has endless benefits in order to grow and develop your business. Its great to influence and inspire others with things that your doing, fascinating quotes, selfies, checking in, and just making yourself be heard.

The most amazing thing is its worldwide! Nobody said you can only connect with people in your country, or friends that you have known for a long period of time. It is simply all about making new connections whilst still engaging with your old ones.



Many companies find social media very beneficial in many ways. There are social media strategies that have the ability to entice people and make them hear all about your company. I find that some small companies do not really understand the importance of social media and what it can do to them in order to boost their popularity. It may be due to reasons such as costs, time consuming, unsure what to post, or simply just because it is not really a main priority momentarily. It also may be that you have started it, and having trouble keeping on top of it due to other commitments.

Here are some social media tips for you just incase you decide to give it a shot…

  • Who is your target audience for your posts?
  • What exactly are you trying to achieve (i.e customers, awareness, popularity, more staff)
  • Do not be afraid of any type of negative communication
  • How often are you able to manage your social media?

Please also feel free to contact CSW Marketing as we can provide you with free consultations and also have friendly packages in order to get you started AND we are very start-up friendly!