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How I went from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset within a year

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Last week I attended a business event, was basically all about Online Marketing, providing others with the main fundamentals of having a successful online business. The ability to work anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a decent Laptop. I’m already doing this anyway, but I feel its always sensible to attend these kinds of meetups and gain more knowledge. I really enjoyed the event actually. Was great in order for me to connect with others. Connecting with those that are likeminded is never a bad thing. There’s always someone I can learn from, and someone that can tell me something that I am not aware of.

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I  now realise you can never obtain enough knowledge. This may be through the internet, books, people, social media, and the list goes on. When I look back at the old version of me, I realise that I limited myself, I limited myself to thinking I needed to work for others in order to be a success. I doubted the fact they I could do something independently. This is no longer the case- I have gradually shifted into a growth mindset. I used to always consider starting a business, and then just stop as I felt it wasn’t good enough, or was concerned about what others thought of this. Now, putting it nicely I couldn’t give a toss. I feel like I’m in such a good place doing something that I want to. Even if it means sleeping later than I normally would, or missing the occasional social gathering.  Let me tell you this.. I try things and sometimes I fall completely flat on my face, but I have never made that have an impact on me pursuing it again. I have never made someone stop me from doing what I wanted to do neither.

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So the question you are probably thinking is ‘Do you have a job alongside your business?’

In response to the question, yes I do. I am still needing security to pay my bills and the occasional treat. Also, in order to invest in anything for the business, it requires money, so I always have to make sure I’m afloat. But I will say this, I feel so positive pursuing something that I’m genuinely passionate about. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have my down days, and I still feel like sometimes I want to give up. I know where I want to head, and I’m fully aware of my goals. I used to feel quite embarrassed when people asked me what I wanted to be when I was older because, to be honest, I didn’t have a clue really. I knew I always loved to teach others but was never 100% sure if I wanted to become a teacher long term for numerous reasons.

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I always remember my ex-partner telling me he wanted to become a wrestler, and I laughed. Now, looking back.. who the hell am I to laugh at someone else’s dreams?  We can be whatever we want to be, it may take patience and commitment but we can all get there. As long as your passionate about something why can’t you go grab it?  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough to do something, and if they do, challenge them. Challenge them so hard, and get your reward. Even if you don’t have a certain skill you require, go and get it and stop limiting all the things that you can achieve, and all the things waiting for you.

I will continue to stand on my two feet, and do what I feel passionate about. I will continue to learn and seek new things via meeting new people. I continue to push to remain a social creature and understand the needs of others.


CSW Marketing

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Manifesting your desires..

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Today I happened to be browsing through Facebook when I noticed that a live video was about to take place. I decided to watch as I though maybe this one was intended for me. It was literally just starting when I was scrolling past it! I feel it’s always good to support someone when they are doing live videos- it takes a huge amount of courage to decide to get out there and expose yourself to the world, regardless of what opinions another may have about your views.

So the video was about ‘living your highest potential in love’. This isn’t something on the forefront for me right now, so I politely bypassed this. Instead I chose to apply the discussion to manifestation for my goals. I believe that we will all manifest whatever we create inside ourselves, because you’re fueling yourself to a particular direction. It’s kind of like a car really, when the petrol is running low you may realise that the performance of the vehicle is not the same as it is on a full tank. When you add in a decent amount of petrol ( more money) it feels like you’ve given the car a shot of energy; you feel more comfortable whilst driving the car.


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In order to manifest positive things in life I feel it is all about remaining consistent. I’m a little bit of a hypocrite lol, as I have tried sooooo many diets and failed to remain consistent in order to shift the pounds. But to be completely honest, I do not feel too bad about it, because I know that I’m trying and above all, I will eventually get there. If you provide yourself with positive energy on a daily basis, this will draw more positive people to you, as they are vibrating with your frequency. We are all connected in some way… Do you ever get nervous about meeting up with an old-time friend? Yes, I do.. I always find this, but then the time comes I feel like I only departed from them a few days ago. Obviously I’m referring to particular people In my head, we are not meant to stay connected to everybody. Some people come into your life to learn you something, make you stronger, and other various reasons.

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We are all drawn to each other to come back to initial wholeness. I think this is why when we meet someone in real life, you may feel like you’ve met them before. Feels rather magical- and you have no doubts regarding the person and the type of energy that they hold.

How powerful can you feel without having a physical experience? The answer to this, is you can feel a whole lot powerful than the physical experience itself. This is why I’m now understanding that if you vision where you want to be eventually it will happen. It’s all about self belief.  Also, if you are emotionally experiencing something, then this means its real. There is nothing stronger than the feelings from within.

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Marketing Strategies: The Work In The Background


Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.56.45Its been a little while since we’ve done a blog again. Things have been slightly chaotic lately, as we have been working in the background on some exciting new developments that we will certainly share with you shortly. Plus not only that! Some exciting family news too, at the weekend me and my family took my younger sister to the Airport to say adios for 9 weeks! Oh em gee.. 9 weeks my younger sister will be in New York carrying out Camp America– I can imagine the experience will be phenomenal. I always encourage myself and others to travel; see the world for what it is. Each time a person travels I feel you are peeling a layer of experience and learning new things.. wow, just wow. From the image of Times Square, you can just see how many people there are, lots of connections to be made here! New York is the place where amazing things happen ❤

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Anyway… What I want to discuss with you this morning is about implementing new marketing strategies amongst your clients social media platforms. I feel this is something that needs to be touched on, as it can help both clients and also new Marketing Consultants gain an understanding of the impact of marketing strategies. Now, Marketing Consultants can probably already relate to me instantly when I mention strategies. It takes lots of planning, samples, thinking, experiments, and thought-provoking ideas. When you develop your strategies you are always taking a slight risk. As you are trying to work out what works for your audience.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.55.34.pngYou are playing with the minds of your audience to find out what makes them tick! There is nothing wrong with this, providing you are doing it with good intentions (and I can assure you that mine are). I always remember with my very first client, I spent near enough 1 week designing posts individually, as I was so nervous that it was going to be a massive FLOP! However, it proved me wrong as the audience responded ever so well with the strategies that I implemented and there was lots of community engagement also, such a success.

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Its great having new clients, however, I feel its important for all clients to have background knowledge about the issues that Marketing Consultants face in the first instance. I always mention to new clients that you should never judge your contractor based on the first two weeks of their work performance. The first two weeks is kind of like a mini test. A test to recognise the response you receive to your posts, and see if its working the right way. You need to wait at least one month before your judge the social media management that you are getting. This is why many Marketing Consultants have a minimum contract of 3 months with their clients. It’s not so they can have a regular income, it’s so you can see the growth in the social media and be proud of how far you have come.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.03.32.pngI have found that some companies like to change the people who manage their social media on a regular basis. You may think this is benefiting you, and you are saving money but long-term this is not the case. You do not save money in this instance, you actually lose it. Yes! I am correct in what I am saying, you lose money, because the next person that is taking over your social media will be starting again trying to find the best strategies for the business. Your current audience may ‘reject’ this and you may be unfollowed. So this is why you should really research what Marketing Consultant you decide to go with, and have an intention to stay with them long-term with a hope of increasing your revenue and having long-standing audiences that are waiting for your daily posts.

If you would like to discuss anything I have mentioned in this blog then please feel free to contact me.