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How I went from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset within a year

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Last week I attended a business event, was basically all about Online Marketing, providing others with the main fundamentals of having a successful online business. The ability to work anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a decent Laptop. I’m already doing this anyway, but I feel its always sensible to attend these kinds of meetups and gain more knowledge. I really enjoyed the event actually. Was great in order for me to connect with others. Connecting with those that are likeminded is never a bad thing. There’s always someone I can learn from, and someone that can tell me something that I am not aware of.

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I  now realise you can never obtain enough knowledge. This may be through the internet, books, people, social media, and the list goes on. When I look back at the old version of me, I realise that I limited myself, I limited myself to thinking I needed to work for others in order to be a success. I doubted the fact they I could do something independently. This is no longer the case- I have gradually shifted into a growth mindset. I used to always consider starting a business, and then just stop as I felt it wasn’t good enough, or was concerned about what others thought of this. Now, putting it nicely I couldn’t give a toss. I feel like I’m in such a good place doing something that I want to. Even if it means sleeping later than I normally would, or missing the occasional social gathering.  Let me tell you this.. I try things and sometimes I fall completely flat on my face, but I have never made that have an impact on me pursuing it again. I have never made someone stop me from doing what I wanted to do neither.

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So the question you are probably thinking is ‘Do you have a job alongside your business?’

In response to the question, yes I do. I am still needing security to pay my bills and the occasional treat. Also, in order to invest in anything for the business, it requires money, so I always have to make sure I’m afloat. But I will say this, I feel so positive pursuing something that I’m genuinely passionate about. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have my down days, and I still feel like sometimes I want to give up. I know where I want to head, and I’m fully aware of my goals. I used to feel quite embarrassed when people asked me what I wanted to be when I was older because, to be honest, I didn’t have a clue really. I knew I always loved to teach others but was never 100% sure if I wanted to become a teacher long term for numerous reasons.

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I always remember my ex-partner telling me he wanted to become a wrestler, and I laughed. Now, looking back.. who the hell am I to laugh at someone else’s dreams?  We can be whatever we want to be, it may take patience and commitment but we can all get there. As long as your passionate about something why can’t you go grab it?  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough to do something, and if they do, challenge them. Challenge them so hard, and get your reward. Even if you don’t have a certain skill you require, go and get it and stop limiting all the things that you can achieve, and all the things waiting for you.

I will continue to stand on my two feet, and do what I feel passionate about. I will continue to learn and seek new things via meeting new people. I continue to push to remain a social creature and understand the needs of others.


CSW Marketing

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Manifesting your desires..

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Today I happened to be browsing through Facebook when I noticed that a live video was about to take place. I decided to watch as I though maybe this one was intended for me. It was literally just starting when I was scrolling past it! I feel it’s always good to support someone when they are doing live videos- it takes a huge amount of courage to decide to get out there and expose yourself to the world, regardless of what opinions another may have about your views.

So the video was about ‘living your highest potential in love’. This isn’t something on the forefront for me right now, so I politely bypassed this. Instead I chose to apply the discussion to manifestation for my goals. I believe that we will all manifest whatever we create inside ourselves, because you’re fueling yourself to a particular direction. It’s kind of like a car really, when the petrol is running low you may realise that the performance of the vehicle is not the same as it is on a full tank. When you add in a decent amount of petrol ( more money) it feels like you’ve given the car a shot of energy; you feel more comfortable whilst driving the car.


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In order to manifest positive things in life I feel it is all about remaining consistent. I’m a little bit of a hypocrite lol, as I have tried sooooo many diets and failed to remain consistent in order to shift the pounds. But to be completely honest, I do not feel too bad about it, because I know that I’m trying and above all, I will eventually get there. If you provide yourself with positive energy on a daily basis, this will draw more positive people to you, as they are vibrating with your frequency. We are all connected in some way… Do you ever get nervous about meeting up with an old-time friend? Yes, I do.. I always find this, but then the time comes I feel like I only departed from them a few days ago. Obviously I’m referring to particular people In my head, we are not meant to stay connected to everybody. Some people come into your life to learn you something, make you stronger, and other various reasons.

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We are all drawn to each other to come back to initial wholeness. I think this is why when we meet someone in real life, you may feel like you’ve met them before. Feels rather magical- and you have no doubts regarding the person and the type of energy that they hold.

How powerful can you feel without having a physical experience? The answer to this, is you can feel a whole lot powerful than the physical experience itself. This is why I’m now understanding that if you vision where you want to be eventually it will happen. It’s all about self belief.  Also, if you are emotionally experiencing something, then this means its real. There is nothing stronger than the feelings from within.

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Exposing a few myths about email subject lines

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Its been well over three months since we’ve done a blog, been mad busy with new and exciting projects that we will soon be sharing with you. As we aren’t blogging as frequently as we used to, we want to make sure that we are hitting the right topics especially for startup businesses. Please DM us regarding any topics you would like us to focus on when blogging (saves you research time). Some new clients that have recently came on board with us have been asking about emails, wanting to know about the subject lines. I can understand why it would be somewhat intriguing to know what subject to use when sending across an email to a potential client of yours. After all, the subject is the first thing that the prospect will read before opening the email. If it is not something interesting or straight to the point, then it is highly likely you will get spammed.

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There a few common myths regarding subject lines and I wanted to squash them for you, take a read below..

Myth 1: Don’t use CAPITALS in subject lines

This stems from the idea that using capitals is like shouting, and its rude to shout. In addition it’s also thought that capitals are much harder to read.

Using capital letters does help subject lines to stand out over those that are not capitalised. Around once a month Miss Selfridge uses a subject line that begins “PETITES EXCLUSIVE”.

The rest of the subject line depends on their offers that month. The regular use of capitalisation enables your readers to recognise and expect your emails.

Myth 2: Personalisation makes emails look like spam 

No! not necessarily ‘she says in a deep voice with scary looking eyes’.  There is nothing wrong with personalising your emails, if everyone wrote the same, dressed the same and spoke the same this world would be so boring… Whats wrong with originality nowadays. There may be times when your email doesn’t always work with particular readers (and you might just get spammed). You have to remember I loathe Marmite, but Pauline down the road from me absolutely lurves it! Not everyone will like the same things, and it’s just trial and error sometimes so we can know what works.


Myth 3: Don’t use spam trigger words like “Free” in the subject line

The received wisdom is that the word “free” gets you moved swiftly to the trash can. Many years ago there was actually some truth in this, as at that time email was largely filtered based on content.  Now the most filtering factor is reputation, lack of  positive reputation usually results in a trash can movement.

So I advise you to go ahead and use your trigger words as you wish. Keep an eye on the inbox placement, and of course if it isn’t working maybe change things around slightly.

Myth 4: Don’t be too pushy

Hmmm… well do as you please I would advise. I feel that as there is now so much competition being pushy is somewhat attractive to the reader. It makes them understand that you would like their custom and you are willing to do what it takes to get their attention. Speaking from experience, I like the pushy ones. I’ve received phone calls with people trying to sell me things .. as we all do, and I tell them to call back at a different time. I do this as I genuinely am interested, and I never hear from them again.

I say you should find the best strategy for you, and do as you please. There are too many rules put in place. Try out different things and get your strategies in place. I advise that you take note of the things that work and don’t work, so you know for the future.


Good luck, and let us know how you get on..

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CSW Marketing Team

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Life is too short so be the best at what you choose to do! #bestofthebest



last night before I dozed off I was watching Holy Man (1998). It’s a drama film/ comedy, with a great moral to the film. I’ve always had a real passion for films that make you think about the world and the life that your living- Holy Man ticked all the boxes for me on a personal level. Oh dear…wait!  I’m not saying I have a thing for Eddie Murphy like that, I admire the film and the messages they tried to trigger to the audience.

Heres a little plot about the film… 

Ricky, an executive at a home shopping network, is on the verge of losing his job. Sales are down under his leadership, and his boss wants to replace him with his rival. But then Ricky meets a really interesting man named G (Eddie Murphy). On a whim, he puts G on camera, and sales begin skyrocketing. But when the job starts to take its toll on G’s formerly enlightened demeanour, Ricky begins to question whether he has done the right thing.

That was a really brief plot. I advise anyone wanting to get a deeper relation to the film to watch it. There was a time in the film when G mentioned that we are each roughly alive to see 75 summers, 75 springs, 75 autumn and 75 winters. That made me a little sad for a moment, because that will go real quick, and the average life expectancy is around 75 unless your lucky to live beyond that. And of course lets not forget the ins and outs of life, you never know when its your time to go. I just feel you may as well go from the earth knowing you’ve done something you genuinely enjoy doing. In order to have a nice cushy life, working is definitely something we need to do, unless your fortunate enough to be able to be free and content.


There was another part of the film I found really interesting too. Please click here to watch a clip from Holy man. G focuses on a woman who is trying to sell ‘Instatuck’ on  a shopping network. He actually goes on set when she is live on television trying to increase sales on a beauty product that enhances a woman’s look. Firstly G humiliates her, as he uses her as a guinea pig and mocks the product she is trying to sell, before he gets on to the real meaning. He states do woman really need all these enhanced products in order to be beautiful. He also makes you question what is really wrong with yourself, why you need to spend so much money on these products.

He said “are you really going to be wasting your time on earth to save money and spend it on products that you don’t even need?” That is so true, why waste time questioning yourself and how your perceived on earth, when you can be getting on with your life and worrying about the things that you love. It’s only society that has made you question these things. If it was down to nature it would be laughing in your face repeatedly for even bringing up the topic.  I think this film has great importance to viewers to make them really question the lifestyles that they are living and the importance for the materials that they are consuming.


Luckily enough I have become quite a conscious consumer, and am focussing only on things that I genuinely need in life with the occasional treat. Two people watching the same film can take away a completely different perception about what meaning it has. My perception of the film was to ‘live my life’. That is the message that I received, because it’s really important to be self focussed and resilient about what you are trying to achieve.

Throughout the film you will find that G approached his audience with a different approach he had a great response to the sales increasing. He wasn’t ‘normal’ as opposed to how the typical sales person was. I’m not saying if you’re not different you can’t get good sales. However I am saying that if you are different, people have a little more respect for you, as you have chosen to step outside the box and introduce a different approach. In some sense you have faced your fears. Firstly you don’t know if what you try is even going to work. Secondly, you’re doing it on your own. You have nobody to provide you with the ultimate support, which we all like to receive.

I am going to connect with more people who are similar minded like me, and share the same interests. I am also going to watch more webinars and find the best books so I can enhance my marketing skills and not my beauty. I am enhancing the things in my life that I know will be worthwhile and I think you should too!

You really should watch the film and let me know your thoughts!

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