Should we be investing large amounts of money for business tools, or learn online for free?


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I’ve just finished watching a live web seminar by Sam Ovens. He basically managed to accumulate $356,000 every month over 3 years. He started off working for a corporate company earning a decent amount of money. He made a huge decision to quit everything and start his own consulting business in his mum and dads garage. He states he came from quite a poor background therefore he feels it’s a great achievement to help others.

The webinar consisted of 2 hours, yes 2 whole hours of concentration. I chose to stick it out, as I was very keen to find out some useful marketing tips for myself and others. I was then promised the webinar presentation after the webinar. I did learn a few things that I will definitely take with me, here are a few:

  1. When it comes to pricing your services forget about how much time it takes to carry out the service. Focus more about what reward and value your customer will be receiving from your services. This helps you to put a price that will be profitable and respecting the work you have to offer.
  2. Try to make your business specialise in something. It makes you stand out from the rest. For example.. Business 1 is a general Marketing Consultant and approaching a coffee shop to find out if they require social media management.  Business 2, is also a Marketing  Consultant but specialises in bars and coffee shops. Who do you think the coffee shop is likely to sign up with? Well its self-explanatory, they will sign up with the Marketing Consultant that specialises in bars and coffee shops. This was a really important piece of information I took from the webinar.

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After a few more slides of informative talk, Sam then went on to discuss how he can help us small business owners with his course that he provides. The course did seem very insightful however it is $5000. He was doing an offer of the course (webinar attendees only) of only around $2000.

Now before I explain, I do think the overview of the course seems very insightful. However, I don’t really feel that paid courses are something we really need to be doing anymore. There is so much information you can read and learn online, that maybe a paid course just isn’t relevant. Should you pay $2000 on a course when you don’t yet have a sufficient amount of an income from clients? You may not even have any clients, so why would you spend this large sum of money.

I’m thinking that maybe I will invest in a course soon enough, but if I do it will be no more than £100 in english money. You also have to be very careful who you pay your money out to, as some people just have strategies in place so that they can constantly earn money, and their client gains nothing.

To conclude, I think it’s the best idea to attempt to learn independently until you earn enough money to invest in a course. As long as your investing in yourself in someway, then money doesn’t really need to come into it just yet. Life in itself is already costly, so we shouldn’t be increasing our expenditure unnecessarily.

If anyone reading this has invested large amounts of money into a course like this one then please feel free to share what you think to this..

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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Quality VS Quantity

Good morning,

Today I thought it would be great to give more of an insight about what type of followers you have. Do you think its important to have quality over quantity or vice versa? I feel that some business owners feel it is of high importance to have 1000’s of followers in order to feel established.

It is nice to see your followers increase day by day, as its showing popularity and your company is becoming more widespread. However, on the other hand I feel its not really a big issue if your followers range from 100 to a million!

It is all about accumulating the right followers. I’m sure you would appreciate your social media engagement to be from potential customers for your business, as this is beneficial for each of you. If you don’t happen to be posting to potential customers then try to make sure you are posting things of interest to them and you are engaging with each other whenever possible. It’s a ‘social media relationship’ which is of a high value when it comes to business.

In terms of following others, it’s in your interest to follow people who motivate you in the right direction and give you the inspiration that you require. This is absolutely fine to do, as you have a connection in some way. Someone your following was once in your position, and can most probably give you the push that you need in order to get going in the morning (other than the coffee).

Some people choose to buy followers in order to speed up the process. Of course this is your choice, but think about how many of these followers have a real interest in your post. If its something general that everyone can relate to then maybe you’re a winner. If these are fake followers then what are you really achieving other than another number?

To conclude, I feel the quality of the followers has more importance over the quantity. I appreciate the followers that I have momentarily and hope to gain more followers that have an interest in what I have to post and my values. If you have the right followers then they will introduce you to the right connections. As I mentioned in my previous blog, pay attention to the hashtags that you are using. Make sure that your content appeals to your target audience.

If you want anymore information regarding what I have discussed then please contact me. 

Quality over quantity.




Are there specific times to post on social media channels, and what should you be aware about.

There are various opinions on when it is the best time for a business to post, in order to advertise their company. I used to think that it was wise to post morning noon and in the evening. I would be very disciplined about the times I posted. Now I mean ‘very’ disciplined, posting at specific times ‘on the dot’. I did this because I thought if i always do things at set times then people would start to expect my posts, and make it a part of their routine to look through my posts. It’s strange, because sometimes I would be astonished at by the high response to my posts, and sometimes I would be feeling rather blue because nobody was engaging in what I was posting.

Over the time I have became to realise that its not about the time you post it’s more important to focus on the content. Here are some points to think about when posting:

  • If your posting text to your newsfeed, pay attention to what type of font you are using, and what exactly you are saying at that specific time. You wouldn’t really get a major amount of interest if you was posting about not being able to sleep at 12noon. Well maybe you would if it was someone in a completely different location to you. As starting a small business it is good to be established all around, however your main focus is where you are located, as your brand will then be marketed via word of mouth.
  • Pay attention to what colours you are using, and whether that will draw attention to your audience. You need to play the field a little and see what works best for you. I always feel it’s nice to change the colours when it is a change of season. For example you could use a nice light green colour when we are in the spring season or yellow for summer. This will give your audience a nice earthy and vibrant feeling as they are just coming out of the winter season. Now of course don’t do this for every post, unless you have a lot of free time, but it is just something to pay attention to. Also viewing different colours depicts other peoples mood.

  • How many times are you posting per day? if your posting on a regular basis you may not be getting a lot of likes or shares due to people maybe losing interest. I understand it is important to get your brand known to others, but you need to be very tactful while doing this.
  • Think about who your target audience is. If you are wanting to attract people that are going to school or college, it doesn’t make sense posting something at 1:30pm. Most students will probably be in class, or may have access to their phones, but can not be fully engaged with it- thats the sneaky ones that I’m referring to btw. Also if you are posting to people that go to school then it is important to know that visual is very important to them. If you have a nice blend of colours and great images you are more than likely to get some form of response. They may not even ‘like’ the post physically, however they may show to their peers and that could be a success.
  • Lastly, a good point to remember when posting is peoples mindset. Be aware you are posting to maybe millions and millions of people. What is the message that you want your target audience to take away from your post. I know people may interpret each post differently, but try and focus on a generalised message you want to put across and aim at that.

I do hope those points will help you if you are managing the social media or even thinking about getting started. In my personal opinion there is no exact time that you must post everyday. Just use common sense based on who you are trying to target. Once you become established on social media it will be really good for business and brand awareness.

Lastly ensure your not offending anyone whilst posting as you’ll have people attack you like wild animals.

Good luck.

CSW Marketing 





Email marketing tips for approaching your potential customers

Every email that is sent to a current or potential customer is considered as email marketing. If you think about it, the majority of us all have email accounts from various providers. When it comes to being at work in the office, emails is one of the strongest forms of communication. Now Im not trying to say office workers are unsociable- I’m just saying that its more convenient for office workers to view an email rather than get up and talk to others, both internally or externally.


My intention wasn’t to ‘blab’ on about offices, I did that in one of my previous blogs. I wanted to share with you some tips to bare in mind when sending emails:

  1. Stop wasting peoples time. Only send an email to someone if you think it is relevant, and you’ve ‘got something to say’. This is important for sales people, because I find that sometimes they can find it hard to get straight to the point. Make sure that every word you are placing on your email is actually required. You need to take in to account other people workload. Speaking from experience, if I have 100 emails in my inbox, when going through my inbox I will be referring to the key points- its all about saving time in order to get the workload down.
  2. Don’t be creepy. When you are trying to approach a business do not be creepy.  I appreciate that you want to make your email personable, by using the name a few times, if you do this too much then it may come across too scripted.
  3. Be on their side. Remind people that they are not alone, and you emphasise with whatever they are going through and that you are willing to help.
  4. Promise something good. You need to make your reader dribble for me content. Show them something different, and tell them ways you can help them that are different from the rest.
  5. Use power words. With the use of power words you can achieve many things! If you have a catchy subject in your email it will persuade your reader to want to click your email rather than the others that are crowded in their inbox.
  6. Ask Questions. Try to imagine that you are having a face to face conversation. Now in a face to face conversation do we always ask questions? The answer to that is yes we do! thats what helps engage a conversation and find out more. This is of course what your wanting to do in an email, so why not ask questions?
  7. Be human not robotic. It doesn’t mean because your writing an email that you have to be dull. You need to always try to express your personality in your emails, to make the reader build rapport. Now I know that sounds a little silly, but people do catch a personality by what they read. They also build up a visual idea of who there engaging with.
  8. Use the power of the PS. Remind people of a deadline, or repeat what they stand to lose if they don’t take up an offer.

I do hope these tips will help before approaching your potential customer. It’s always  good to try and follow these points, you never know, it may just make you get that sale you have been wanting. If you have any more tips that you feel may be of use then please do share. If you would like to discuss anything about these points then please do get in touch with me.





5 Ways to constantly keep your company afloat


So your company is up and running and everything’s running smoothly so far. That is brilliant although the hardest part is making sure you are balancing everything accordingly.

  • Regular Staff Meetings: It is so important to hold staff meetings within the company, no matter how big or small the company is. You have to understand that when you are running a business you are dealing with different people from different backgrounds. Unfortunately we are not ‘mystic megs’ with the ability to read people’s minds and find out exactly what they are thinking. You need to touch base with your staff on a regular basis from chasing deadlines, finding out ways to improve the company, reports, and any other relevant business. If you do not communicate with your staff on a regular basis then it will be very hard to get regular updates about things happening within your own company.



  • Build Rapport:  Engage with your staff members, speak to them regularly to find out more things about them. There is nothing worse than not trying to gain an interest with the people that you are employing. It does not matter if you are the director of the company, you still need to make an effort with people. You should try to organise monthly/quarterly nights out with your team members, but don’t make it a compulsory thing. There is nothing worse than dragging out an introverted private person to an event if they do not want to attend. As long as your colleagues are doing their work, that’s the only thing that is really compulsory for them.


  • Help Out Within the Community: There is nothing wrong with helping out within the community, it shows to outsiders that you are not only thinking about figures, and you actually do care. You can help out in the community by doing yearly charity work every year with yourself and the staff. This shows that the company is not just about money and you do have the intention to help others whenever you can. You could arrange a staff sponsored run maybe to help raise money for a particular charity.


  • Meet People: Get yourself out there! Try and arrange to have a small meeting with the person you keep engaging with on the phone. I know you have a company, but be aware that you are also part of the brand. You are a sales tool within yourself and are representing your company and the team. I know its hard to do this when you have so many other things on your plate, but it really does help, and shows you’re not a hermit!


  • Social Media: You may think I’m trying to make a sale, but that is not my major intention! (Well of course I am here if you want to get in touch).  If you have strong social media platforms then you are making your companies frequency vibrate higher. Who knows.. you may be reaching out to someone so far away from you but still require your services. You can manage your social media platforms in-house, and can also outsource someone to do it for you with specific needs. Please don’t just think it’s ‘only’ Social Media. This how most people reach out these days, no matter how big or small you should be floating around on the main Social Media platforms.


If you want to discuss anything we have discussed on this blog then please do contact us and find out ways we can help you.




Why I feel Social Media is the best marketing strategy for small companies right now

If your not on social media these days your seen as someone thats not really from this planet! Social media has endless benefits in order to grow and develop your business. Its great to influence and inspire others with things that your doing, fascinating quotes, selfies, checking in, and just making yourself be heard.

The most amazing thing is its worldwide! Nobody said you can only connect with people in your country, or friends that you have known for a long period of time. It is simply all about making new connections whilst still engaging with your old ones.



Many companies find social media very beneficial in many ways. There are social media strategies that have the ability to entice people and make them hear all about your company. I find that some small companies do not really understand the importance of social media and what it can do to them in order to boost their popularity. It may be due to reasons such as costs, time consuming, unsure what to post, or simply just because it is not really a main priority momentarily. It also may be that you have started it, and having trouble keeping on top of it due to other commitments.

Here are some social media tips for you just incase you decide to give it a shot…

  • Who is your target audience for your posts?
  • What exactly are you trying to achieve (i.e customers, awareness, popularity, more staff)
  • Do not be afraid of any type of negative communication
  • How often are you able to manage your social media?

Please also feel free to contact CSW Marketing as we can provide you with free consultations and also have friendly packages in order to get you started AND we are very start-up friendly!