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Life is too short so be the best at what you choose to do! #bestofthebest



last night before I dozed off I was watching Holy Man (1998). It’s a drama film/ comedy, with a great moral to the film. I’ve always had a real passion for films that make you think about the world and the life that your living- Holy Man ticked all the boxes for me on a personal level. Oh dear…wait!  I’m not saying I have a thing for Eddie Murphy like that, I admire the film and the messages they tried to trigger to the audience.

Heres a little plot about the film… 

Ricky, an executive at a home shopping network, is on the verge of losing his job. Sales are down under his leadership, and his boss wants to replace him with his rival. But then Ricky meets a really interesting man named G (Eddie Murphy). On a whim, he puts G on camera, and sales begin skyrocketing. But when the job starts to take its toll on G’s formerly enlightened demeanour, Ricky begins to question whether he has done the right thing.

That was a really brief plot. I advise anyone wanting to get a deeper relation to the film to watch it. There was a time in the film when G mentioned that we are each roughly alive to see 75 summers, 75 springs, 75 autumn and 75 winters. That made me a little sad for a moment, because that will go real quick, and the average life expectancy is around 75 unless your lucky to live beyond that. And of course lets not forget the ins and outs of life, you never know when its your time to go. I just feel you may as well go from the earth knowing you’ve done something you genuinely enjoy doing. In order to have a nice cushy life, working is definitely something we need to do, unless your fortunate enough to be able to be free and content.


There was another part of the film I found really interesting too. Please click here to watch a clip from Holy man. G focuses on a woman who is trying to sell ‘Instatuck’ on  a shopping network. He actually goes on set when she is live on television trying to increase sales on a beauty product that enhances a woman’s look. Firstly G humiliates her, as he uses her as a guinea pig and mocks the product she is trying to sell, before he gets on to the real meaning. He states do woman really need all these enhanced products in order to be beautiful. He also makes you question what is really wrong with yourself, why you need to spend so much money on these products.

He said “are you really going to be wasting your time on earth to save money and spend it on products that you don’t even need?” That is so true, why waste time questioning yourself and how your perceived on earth, when you can be getting on with your life and worrying about the things that you love. It’s only society that has made you question these things. If it was down to nature it would be laughing in your face repeatedly for even bringing up the topic.  I think this film has great importance to viewers to make them really question the lifestyles that they are living and the importance for the materials that they are consuming.


Luckily enough I have become quite a conscious consumer, and am focussing only on things that I genuinely need in life with the occasional treat. Two people watching the same film can take away a completely different perception about what meaning it has. My perception of the film was to ‘live my life’. That is the message that I received, because it’s really important to be self focussed and resilient about what you are trying to achieve.

Throughout the film you will find that G approached his audience with a different approach he had a great response to the sales increasing. He wasn’t ‘normal’ as opposed to how the typical sales person was. I’m not saying if you’re not different you can’t get good sales. However I am saying that if you are different, people have a little more respect for you, as you have chosen to step outside the box and introduce a different approach. In some sense you have faced your fears. Firstly you don’t know if what you try is even going to work. Secondly, you’re doing it on your own. You have nobody to provide you with the ultimate support, which we all like to receive.

I am going to connect with more people who are similar minded like me, and share the same interests. I am also going to watch more webinars and find the best books so I can enhance my marketing skills and not my beauty. I am enhancing the things in my life that I know will be worthwhile and I think you should too!

You really should watch the film and let me know your thoughts!

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