Should we be investing large amounts of money for business tools, or learn online for free?


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I’ve just finished watching a live web seminar by Sam Ovens. He basically managed to accumulate $356,000 every month over 3 years. He started off working for a corporate company earning a decent amount of money. He made a huge decision to quit everything and start his own consulting business in his mum and dads garage. He states he came from quite a poor background therefore he feels it’s a great achievement to help others.

The webinar consisted of 2 hours, yes 2 whole hours of concentration. I chose to stick it out, as I was very keen to find out some useful marketing tips for myself and others. I was then promised the webinar presentation after the webinar. I did learn a few things that I will definitely take with me, here are a few:

  1. When it comes to pricing your services forget about how much time it takes to carry out the service. Focus more about what reward and value your customer will be receiving from your services. This helps you to put a price that will be profitable and respecting the work you have to offer.
  2. Try to make your business specialise in something. It makes you stand out from the rest. For example.. Business 1 is a general Marketing Consultant and approaching a coffee shop to find out if they require social media management.  Business 2, is also a Marketing  Consultant but specialises in bars and coffee shops. Who do you think the coffee shop is likely to sign up with? Well its self-explanatory, they will sign up with the Marketing Consultant that specialises in bars and coffee shops. This was a really important piece of information I took from the webinar.

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After a few more slides of informative talk, Sam then went on to discuss how he can help us small business owners with his course that he provides. The course did seem very insightful however it is $5000. He was doing an offer of the course (webinar attendees only) of only around $2000.

Now before I explain, I do think the overview of the course seems very insightful. However, I don’t really feel that paid courses are something we really need to be doing anymore. There is so much information you can read and learn online, that maybe a paid course just isn’t relevant. Should you pay $2000 on a course when you don’t yet have a sufficient amount of an income from clients? You may not even have any clients, so why would you spend this large sum of money.

I’m thinking that maybe I will invest in a course soon enough, but if I do it will be no more than £100 in english money. You also have to be very careful who you pay your money out to, as some people just have strategies in place so that they can constantly earn money, and their client gains nothing.

To conclude, I think it’s the best idea to attempt to learn independently until you earn enough money to invest in a course. As long as your investing in yourself in someway, then money doesn’t really need to come into it just yet. Life in itself is already costly, so we shouldn’t be increasing our expenditure unnecessarily.

If anyone reading this has invested large amounts of money into a course like this one then please feel free to share what you think to this..

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need to.


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