Quality VS Quantity

Good morning,

Today I thought it would be great to give more of an insight about what type of followers you have. Do you think its important to have quality over quantity or vice versa? I feel that some business owners feel it is of high importance to have 1000’s of followers in order to feel established.

It is nice to see your followers increase day by day, as its showing popularity and your company is becoming more widespread. However, on the other hand I feel its not really a big issue if your followers range from 100 to a million!

It is all about accumulating the right followers. I’m sure you would appreciate your social media engagement to be from potential customers for your business, as this is beneficial for each of you. If you don’t happen to be posting to potential customers then try to make sure you are posting things of interest to them and you are engaging with each other whenever possible. It’s a ‘social media relationship’ which is of a high value when it comes to business.

In terms of following others, it’s in your interest to follow people who motivate you in the right direction and give you the inspiration that you require. This is absolutely fine to do, as you have a connection in some way. Someone your following was once in your position, and can most probably give you the push that you need in order to get going in the morning (other than the coffee).

Some people choose to buy followers in order to speed up the process. Of course this is your choice, but think about how many of these followers have a real interest in your post. If its something general that everyone can relate to then maybe you’re a winner. If these are fake followers then what are you really achieving other than another number?

To conclude, I feel the quality of the followers has more importance over the quantity. I appreciate the followers that I have momentarily and hope to gain more followers that have an interest in what I have to post and my values. If you have the right followers then they will introduce you to the right connections. As I mentioned in my previous blog, pay attention to the hashtags that you are using. Make sure that your content appeals to your target audience.

If you want anymore information regarding what I have discussed then please contact me. 

Quality over quantity.




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