Are there specific times to post on social media channels, and what should you be aware about.

There are various opinions on when it is the best time for a business to post, in order to advertise their company. I used to think that it was wise to post morning noon and in the evening. I would be very disciplined about the times I posted. Now I mean ‘very’ disciplined, posting at specific times ‘on the dot’. I did this because I thought if i always do things at set times then people would start to expect my posts, and make it a part of their routine to look through my posts. It’s strange, because sometimes I would be astonished at by the high response to my posts, and sometimes I would be feeling rather blue because nobody was engaging in what I was posting.

Over the time I have became to realise that its not about the time you post it’s more important to focus on the content. Here are some points to think about when posting:

  • If your posting text to your newsfeed, pay attention to what type of font you are using, and what exactly you are saying at that specific time. You wouldn’t really get a major amount of interest if you was posting about not being able to sleep at 12noon. Well maybe you would if it was someone in a completely different location to you. As starting a small business it is good to be established all around, however your main focus is where you are located, as your brand will then be marketed via word of mouth.
  • Pay attention to what colours you are using, and whether that will draw attention to your audience. You need to play the field a little and see what works best for you. I always feel it’s nice to change the colours when it is a change of season. For example you could use a nice light green colour when we are in the spring season or yellow for summer. This will give your audience a nice earthy and vibrant feeling as they are just coming out of the winter season. Now of course don’t do this for every post, unless you have a lot of free time, but it is just something to pay attention to. Also viewing different colours depicts other peoples mood.

  • How many times are you posting per day? if your posting on a regular basis you may not be getting a lot of likes or shares due to people maybe losing interest. I understand it is important to get your brand known to others, but you need to be very tactful while doing this.
  • Think about who your target audience is. If you are wanting to attract people that are going to school or college, it doesn’t make sense posting something at 1:30pm. Most students will probably be in class, or may have access to their phones, but can not be fully engaged with it- thats the sneaky ones that I’m referring to btw. Also if you are posting to people that go to school then it is important to know that visual is very important to them. If you have a nice blend of colours and great images you are more than likely to get some form of response. They may not even ‘like’ the post physically, however they may show to their peers and that could be a success.
  • Lastly, a good point to remember when posting is peoples mindset. Be aware you are posting to maybe millions and millions of people. What is the message that you want your target audience to take away from your post. I know people may interpret each post differently, but try and focus on a generalised message you want to put across and aim at that.

I do hope those points will help you if you are managing the social media or even thinking about getting started. In my personal opinion there is no exact time that you must post everyday. Just use common sense based on who you are trying to target. Once you become established on social media it will be really good for business and brand awareness.

Lastly ensure your not offending anyone whilst posting as you’ll have people attack you like wild animals.

Good luck.

CSW Marketing 





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