Email marketing tips for approaching your potential customers

Every email that is sent to a current or potential customer is considered as email marketing. If you think about it, the majority of us all have email accounts from various providers. When it comes to being at work in the office, emails is one of the strongest forms of communication. Now Im not trying to say office workers are unsociable- I’m just saying that its more convenient for office workers to view an email rather than get up and talk to others, both internally or externally.


My intention wasn’t to ‘blab’ on about offices, I did that in one of my previous blogs. I wanted to share with you some tips to bare in mind when sending emails:

  1. Stop wasting peoples time. Only send an email to someone if you think it is relevant, and you’ve ‘got something to say’. This is important for sales people, because I find that sometimes they can find it hard to get straight to the point. Make sure that every word you are placing on your email is actually required. You need to take in to account other people workload. Speaking from experience, if I have 100 emails in my inbox, when going through my inbox I will be referring to the key points- its all about saving time in order to get the workload down.
  2. Don’t be creepy. When you are trying to approach a business do not be creepy.  I appreciate that you want to make your email personable, by using the name a few times, if you do this too much then it may come across too scripted.
  3. Be on their side. Remind people that they are not alone, and you emphasise with whatever they are going through and that you are willing to help.
  4. Promise something good. You need to make your reader dribble for me content. Show them something different, and tell them ways you can help them that are different from the rest.
  5. Use power words. With the use of power words you can achieve many things! If you have a catchy subject in your email it will persuade your reader to want to click your email rather than the others that are crowded in their inbox.
  6. Ask Questions. Try to imagine that you are having a face to face conversation. Now in a face to face conversation do we always ask questions? The answer to that is yes we do! thats what helps engage a conversation and find out more. This is of course what your wanting to do in an email, so why not ask questions?
  7. Be human not robotic. It doesn’t mean because your writing an email that you have to be dull. You need to always try to express your personality in your emails, to make the reader build rapport. Now I know that sounds a little silly, but people do catch a personality by what they read. They also build up a visual idea of who there engaging with.
  8. Use the power of the PS. Remind people of a deadline, or repeat what they stand to lose if they don’t take up an offer.

I do hope these tips will help before approaching your potential customer. It’s always  good to try and follow these points, you never know, it may just make you get that sale you have been wanting. If you have any more tips that you feel may be of use then please do share. If you would like to discuss anything about these points then please do get in touch with me.





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