5 Ways to constantly keep your company afloat


So your company is up and running and everything’s running smoothly so far. That is brilliant although the hardest part is making sure you are balancing everything accordingly.

  • Regular Staff Meetings: It is so important to hold staff meetings within the company, no matter how big or small the company is. You have to understand that when you are running a business you are dealing with different people from different backgrounds. Unfortunately we are not ‘mystic megs’ with the ability to read people’s minds and find out exactly what they are thinking. You need to touch base with your staff on a regular basis from chasing deadlines, finding out ways to improve the company, reports, and any other relevant business. If you do not communicate with your staff on a regular basis then it will be very hard to get regular updates about things happening within your own company.



  • Build Rapport:  Engage with your staff members, speak to them regularly to find out more things about them. There is nothing worse than not trying to gain an interest with the people that you are employing. It does not matter if you are the director of the company, you still need to make an effort with people. You should try to organise monthly/quarterly nights out with your team members, but don’t make it a compulsory thing. There is nothing worse than dragging out an introverted private person to an event if they do not want to attend. As long as your colleagues are doing their work, that’s the only thing that is really compulsory for them.


  • Help Out Within the Community: There is nothing wrong with helping out within the community, it shows to outsiders that you are not only thinking about figures, and you actually do care. You can help out in the community by doing yearly charity work every year with yourself and the staff. This shows that the company is not just about money and you do have the intention to help others whenever you can. You could arrange a staff sponsored run maybe to help raise money for a particular charity.


  • Meet People: Get yourself out there! Try and arrange to have a small meeting with the person you keep engaging with on the phone. I know you have a company, but be aware that you are also part of the brand. You are a sales tool within yourself and are representing your company and the team. I know its hard to do this when you have so many other things on your plate, but it really does help, and shows you’re not a hermit!


  • Social Media: You may think I’m trying to make a sale, but that is not my major intention! (Well of course I am here if you want to get in touch).  If you have strong social media platforms then you are making your companies frequency vibrate higher. Who knows.. you may be reaching out to someone so far away from you but still require your services. You can manage your social media platforms in-house, and can also outsource someone to do it for you with specific needs. Please don’t just think it’s ‘only’ Social Media. This how most people reach out these days, no matter how big or small you should be floating around on the main Social Media platforms.


If you want to discuss anything we have discussed on this blog then please do contact us and find out ways we can help you.




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